The World

As the Voyagers traverse through the different lands held captive by the Transient, they encounter different lands and worlds that are unfamiliar to them. Each land features different environments and features that can change or impact defenses!


A lush landscape hidden from civilization for thousands of years, a small tribe of humans thrived in the trees. Building huts and bridges to escape the dangers lurking in the fog below, the tribe and forest lived in harmony with one another. A harmony that was disrupted when the Transient tore the woods from the land. The wildlife and tribe who once lived amongst the trees disappeared during this time, but dark shadows still lurk in the fog.


A small village from a more civil time lost to history. The landscape shaped by the enormous volcano, sakura trees blossom, and a river flows through the center. A peaceful, tranquil village, had it not been split down the center activating a dormant volcano, the settlers may have carried on living a peaceful, enlightened life.