Dying World

For years, the Transient has watched their planet crumble and fall apart. They had investigated other planets and recorded data on each environment in an attempt to replicate it on their planet. However, even with superior technology and their adapting capabilities, they couldn’t create the lush and beautiful landscape that other planets possessed. Every attempt led to a dead and colorless version that served as a cold reminder of the future that awaited them.


It wasn’t until the planet reached a critical point that the King of the Transients ordered a device built to steal portions of planets to rebuild their own. And of all the planets the Transients investigated, Earth was the one that all of them decided to target. Earth had a unique feature of being a “blue planet” and had a wide range of environments that other planets did not have. The living organisms that live on Earth weren’t advanced and would easily crumble under their superior firepower. And so they began to rally their forces and send them towards Earth to begin the extraction.

The First Voyager


During the Transient’s preparation for war, a young slave named “Atum” came across a staff belonging to one of the Transient scouts who came to Earth many years ago. The staff had a unique ability that drew upon the user’s deepest dreams and desires and manifested them. As such, Atum gained seemingly magical powers that could launch rays of burning light and creating magical soldiers to fight for him.

Using the staff, he overthrew the tyrannical Pharaoh and led his people into a new era of peace. But the peace was short-lived, as the Transient would soon arrive and launch an attack on Egypt.


The young Atum would rally his forces and make a valiant attempt to protect his people by battling the Transient. But within minutes, Atum and his forces were overwhelmed by their superior numbers and firepower. As Atum sounded the retreat, the Transient began to pull the lands of Egypt into their ship. Atum and his men could only watch as the land beneath their feet crumbled and flew into the dark vortex in the sky. As panic settled in within his men, Atum sharpened his gaze upon the vortex of darkness. His fury intensified as his men began to mourn their losses. Atum’s grip slowly tightened on his glowing staff. With a warcry, Atum ran towards the swirling darkness with his staff glowing an intense green. He would be the first human to enter the Transient’s ship and the first member of a legendary group that would be called the Voyagers.

The Hope

Transported into an unknown land that was a combination of Earth’s many environments, Atum soon found himself amongst other would-be heroes that jumped in to try and reclaim their lands. One of their members, “Roux” was a French engineer and had created a device that would return the lands back to Earth. However, the device took a large amount of time to charge and required to be defended for a significant period of time.

Armed with renewed hope, the group would fight the defending Transients while defending Roux’s device in hopes that the world would be restored.