Atum, Pharaoh of the Free


As a young man, Atum was one of many slaves forced to work under the tyrannical rule of Pharaoh Tao. During his time as a slave, the young man found a staff possessing great power seemingly bestowed unto him from the heavens. The power within the staff gave Atum the ability to focus beams of sunlight to smite enemies and call divine spirits to his aid. Using the power of the staff, the young man overthrew the malicious Pharaoh Tao freeing his slave brethren and acting to them as a benevolent ruler.

Until… those who lost the staff returned to retrieve what was once theirs. The Transient viciously attacked Atum and his people, overpowering and slaughtering many of Atum’s soldiers. Forced to battle the Transient to protect his people, Atum became the first Voyager who began to seek others to assist him against the invaders.